Christ Centered, radically inclusive

Christ Centered, radically inclusive

Christ Centered, radically inclusiveChrist Centered, radically inclusiveChrist Centered, radically inclusive

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Rivers of Living Water-NY-NJ


We are one of the fastest growing church families of its kind in the nation. Our ministry has a two-fold vision, Evangelism and Restoration.  As a family of believers we strongly believe that God has the power to restore everyone to their full potential.  


We are the Voice and the Hand that God is using in the Kingdom to encourage people to change their lives by offering them hope, comfort and peace.  We are committed to a ministry of restoration and reconciliation for all. We endeavor to offer ourselves, our church, as a safe place to those seeking spiritual guidance, answers to questions, physical healing, emotional stability and intellectual wisdom. We endeavor to diligently train people to be committed servant leaders, prepared to meet the needs of the community.

We Believe

We believe that every individual is welcome in the community of God.  It's not by accident that you have come to our site, but we believe it was by divine order.  The table has been prepared and the feast of the Lord is going on.

Our Service Location

(SUNDAYS @ 2pm)

263 West 86th Street 

(btwn. Broadway & West End Aves.)

New York, NY 10024